5 th Crew Senior

Senior Crew is not for all members its by invitation. After a few years dinghy sailing in junior crews. Now its our old 5 th crew re-branded and unfolds in three ways…

    1. With the opportunity to continue with dinghy sailing .
    2. Opens a new door to yachting covering just casual Crewing or becoming a Day Skipper or a Yacht Master .
    3. Each tier in training must be done with Gaisce the Presidents Awards, Bronze for Crew status. Silver for Day Skipper programme or Gold covering Yachts Master.

All prerequisite courses need to be STCW marine or ISA /RYA standard to this end outside costs come in on some courses to register, for example for your first aid you need a STCW cert, admin they charge € 20. Marine Radio V H F Com Reg charges       € 50 and outside auditor/examiner €50.     Sea survival STCW cert costs €50 .    Gaisce The Presidents Award € 15.

The above courses are provided free in your club when possible and the furth

er courses like Day skipper your choice is a 5 day skipper course or practice for a one day assessment, Yacht Master , would be similar. Yacht master shore base is a winter Navigation Course.



5 th Crew overview