Improving Skills


To develop the skills and knowledge you need in order to set up and sail the boat more effectively and in moderate conditions. This course will also prepare you for the specialist courses ahead.

Previous experience / knowledge required

You will be expected to have completed, or have experience equivalent to, the Basic Skills course and have been sailing regularly. If you have not been regularly practising these skills you will need to do so prior to this course or extend the length of this course to allow time to do so.

Types of Boats

This course may be completed in any type of sailing dinghy, small keel boat or catamaran. Your certificate will show what type of boat(s) you used.


4 – 10 days.


Assessment is continuous throughout the course. However, your instructor may also choose to use a formal practical assessment of boat handling skills and a short written paper or oral interview in assessing your level of background knowledge.

Sailing Courses