National Powerboat Certificate

The aim of this two day course is to develop the skills and knowledge that allow participants to safely and effectively skipper an open powerboat by day, on inland and coastal waters with which they are familiar.

The ISA recommends this Certificate as the minimum level of training/knowledge required before anyone uses a power boat on their own. In the majority of cases beginners would do this course and the Introduction to Powerboating as part of the same Two day course. The certificate can also be achieved through direct assessment by a Powerboat Instructor.


All the courses in the ISA Powerboat Training scheme can be taught in displacement as well as planing boats with the exception of the Advanced Certificate. The ISA Inland Waterways Scheme provides the most appropriate training for anyone wishing to use large displacement motorboats on Inland waters. The ISA Yachtmaster scheme provides for the needs of those wishing to cruise at sea & in larger Motorboats.