Our Club

Our club is a cottage like building with a shop, an office, a mess hall, changing rooms, a workshop, and a classroom.

The shop is run by the members of the club in the warmer months as a fund raiser for our club.

The Mess hall has a television ,laptops, a Nintendo Wii and plenty of tables and chairs to sit at. This is where the members socialise.

The Changing rooms are were the members change into their wetsuits before sailing, kayaking, banana boating or anything else they need a wetsuit for, there is a gents changing room and a ladies changing room.

The classroom is were the Dun Laoghaire Powerboat Schools

classes are taught.

The workshop is were tools are kept and work is done.

The Office is were we are right now typing this. It is also were the rescue crew sit .

Our club has been open for about 35/40 years .

We sail, kayak, banana boat, powerboat , windsurf and fish during the summer months. And during the winter months we do indoor things like navigation and first aid courses.

Our club is situated on the west pier which is good as we are close to the water, the boatyard, the slip and the dart station!!!!

By Lucy O’Toole and Aoife O’Neill